Thursday, October 5, 2017


We are entering a very busy season for our house. Fall sports for all three kids, full-on school projects and activities, my busy photography season, and the holidays fill our calendar in a way that unfortunately makes my favorite time of year fly by. On a positive note, there are plenty of things to capture with my camera!

We escaped to the panhandle for a few days while the kids had the week off from school. Ruby's love of everything 'beach' made the trip oh-so-fun.

Last month we attended our first Dragon*Con Parade. We saw many of the same costumes we see at the L5P Halloween Parade, making it a fun event to photograph.

One of those lazy afternoons cleaning out the garage. Ruby was facinated with the small fan we had running.

We took the girls to the Beltline Lantern parade one night. This meant a trip to the smallest playground ever, which surprisingly my big kids love.

Sports are probably my favorite thing to photograph as they offer so many cool action shots!

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