Friday, October 5, 2018

September 5-on-5

This month wasn't necessarily my favorite, but the shots I got are because of who they contain. September in the south means 'fall break' from school, and since we were hanging at home this year, I took each of the kids on a date for a meal of choice and a photo shoot, styled by them. I loved loved loved my time with each of them!

First up was Eli. He chose to have only one 'outfit', but we did take the hat on and off a few times. Unfortunately, there was a huge pop up storm that chased us back to the car 10 minutes after we started. I still got a few keepers before the raindrops hit. It was just before sunset, and there were loose clouds all around, but still enough warm sun peaking through.
Because rain was the theme all week, I had to take time when I could get it, meaning Ruby's shoot ended up being mid-morning on an overcast day instead of at sunset. We had total cloud cover, but mostly bright, even light for this shoot.
Maddux joined us and agreed to wear something 'fun' so I could include her in some photos too.
Of course, some of my favorite shots from that session are of the interactions between these closely-bonded sisters.
Last, but far from least, was Maddux's turn. I love her faux glasses, and had so much fun shooting her just being her. She is a beauty, inside and out, and she is growing up before my eyes. This shoot was during 'the golden hour' before sunset, but it was overcast and dark. I had to give a big bump to the ISO even in the middle of the field where we had the most light.
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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

August 5-on-5

Another summer month full of summer shoots. I wrapped up my last triathlon shoot of the season, and it was epic.

Amazing athletes: seasoned,

young and new to the sport,

and differently-abled. It was inspirational to say the least.

And I finished the last two senior shoots of the summer as well. Both at the same location (by chance), one day apart, both in the midst of storms.

Oh, and both breathtaking beauties.

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Sunday, August 5, 2018

July 5-on-5

July was a big month... I shot two triathlons, two senior girls, and a newborn's introduction to her family. So much fun and so many firsts for me!

First off was my second triathlon. I've always loved shooting the kids' sporting events, and these races are proving to be equally as fun to document.

I shot this beauty's sister a few years ago as she tagged along. This time around it was her turn, and she was perfection.

Detail shots...I'm trying to improve in this area. I love the details but often get too focused on the bigger shots that I forget them.

Another race...I love the calm before it all starts!

Finally, the moment when two big sisters met their baby sister. Such an honor to be allowed to witness such cool, intimate memories!

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

June 5-on-5

This month is a very representative collection of how 'all over the place' our summer usually is. As much as I love the lack of structure, we are just as busy as during the school year because of all of the fun stuff happening!

This was my only 'traditional' shoot this month; early morning because it is hot in Georgia!

Every summer our church puts on an evening camp for elementary school kids: VBX. It is easily the craziest week of the year for us due to the amount of time we spend at the church, working before, during, and after the camp, and the amount of back and forth driving we do. But we love it!

Berry-picking. I used to take the big kids (when they were little kids) berry picking every spring, but they don't even remember that. It was fun to visit a nearby orchard with them again.

Summer swim: all consuming but brief. One of my favorite sports to photograph!

Finally, the annual Gigi's Playhouse Gala. This was my third time shooting it, and it did not disappoint. I loved this shot, taken right after a dance troupe from the playhouse performed for the distinguished guests.

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Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 5-ON-5

May is always a doozy if you have kids in school. Especially when they are 'graduating', which in my daughter's case means finishing 5th Grade. Seriously. I don't think there was that much fanfare around my high school graduation! In between all of that madness, I got a few photo shoots in, and we started swim team (one of my favorite things to photograph!).

This first image was something I took as I was waiting for a client. I loved the color combination and the different lines and textures. Plus, when you're short like me, you're often looking up at things which gives you a unique perspective.

Swim team! I loved watching all of the little littles get ready for their first race.

And then it's always amazing to see the older kids fly through the water with amazing grace.

New families... This day was very VERY bright, so I tried to use the sun without killing them with shadows.

Except when the shadows make the picture.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

APRIL 5-on-5

Yay for spring! Finally FULLY here, meaning beautiful temperatures and outdoor activities. Of course, it only arrived about a week ago, but the extra week of cold and rain gave me a chance to get outside with my girl on yet another rainy Sunday afternoon when soccer was cancelled.
She loves the rain. We bought her an umbrella a while back, but no one can find it because she really never used it.
And once the rain cleared up, triathlon season started. I was so excited to shoot my first tri...the little moments that came before, during, and after were so fun to capture.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

MARCH 5-on-5

March brought soccer, family shoots, and sun, meaning flowers and blooms and everything outside! 

I love shooting sports for my kids: baseball, swim, soccer...anything! I love the challenge of anticipating shots that will be telling of the event, and the constant lighting 'game' due to shifting clouds and facing different places on the field.

Early morning shoots are not something I get to do often, but the light should be enough to book them more...especially because the early time often finds the little ones more agreeable!

Sun and rain and some warmer temperatures means all of Atlanta is in bloom. I don't know what this cool tree is, but the blooms were amazing in the early morning light!

Who doesn't love a good spin! This mom and daughter had a blast spinning and dancing; this was my favorite one!

 Finally, this little guy didn't love posing for many shots, but he did love Mommy!

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