Tuesday, June 5, 2018

May 5-ON-5

May is always a doozy if you have kids in school. Especially when they are 'graduating', which in my daughter's case means finishing 5th Grade. Seriously. I don't think there was that much fanfare around my high school graduation! In between all of that madness, I got a few photo shoots in, and we started swim team (one of my favorite things to photograph!).

This first image was something I took as I was waiting for a client. I loved the color combination and the different lines and textures. Plus, when you're short like me, you're often looking up at things which gives you a unique perspective.

Swim team! I loved watching all of the little littles get ready for their first race.

And then it's always amazing to see the older kids fly through the water with amazing grace.

New families... This day was very VERY bright, so I tried to use the sun without killing them with shadows.

Except when the shadows make the picture.

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

APRIL 5-on-5

Yay for spring! Finally FULLY here, meaning beautiful temperatures and outdoor activities. Of course, it only arrived about a week ago, but the extra week of cold and rain gave me a chance to get outside with my girl on yet another rainy Sunday afternoon when soccer was cancelled.
She loves the rain. We bought her an umbrella a while back, but no one can find it because she really never used it.
And once the rain cleared up, triathlon season started. I was so excited to shoot my first tri...the little moments that came before, during, and after were so fun to capture.

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Thursday, April 5, 2018

MARCH 5-on-5

March brought soccer, family shoots, and sun, meaning flowers and blooms and everything outside! 

I love shooting sports for my kids: baseball, swim, soccer...anything! I love the challenge of anticipating shots that will be telling of the event, and the constant lighting 'game' due to shifting clouds and facing different places on the field.

Early morning shoots are not something I get to do often, but the light should be enough to book them more...especially because the early time often finds the little ones more agreeable!

Sun and rain and some warmer temperatures means all of Atlanta is in bloom. I don't know what this cool tree is, but the blooms were amazing in the early morning light!

Who doesn't love a good spin! This mom and daughter had a blast spinning and dancing; this was my favorite one!

 Finally, this little guy didn't love posing for many shots, but he did love Mommy!

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Monday, March 5, 2018


February was a very typical month for Atlanta, but if you've ever lived through one, you know the weather is anything but typical. And because of that, my engagment shoot was sunny and not freezing (even though we had ice the week prior), and all of my yard is blooming like it's April.

First up is a girl who I first met the week she was born. She's turned into quite the beautiful 'tween', and I love her glasses!

Next up is a friend I've known almost 20 years; we worked together 'back in the day', and he and his (now wife) needed a few engagement shots. We had an amazing break in the very frigid temps, resulting in a 'warm feeling' shoot.

Even though most days were rainy, the sun came out just enough to coax these guys out of their hiding places.

And these guys too.

Finally, one of my favorite subjects, doing what she does best, with the doll she loves the most: Ruby mothering Baby Selah.

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Another month gone, another month without my starting line-up camera :( Unfortunately, 10 weeks later I still do not have my main gear, but I am hopeful the necessary part will be shipped in the next month?

In the meantime, I've been able to document two of three (or more!?) amazing and unique nights. Last year, a group of women gathered at a conference in Texas and made a decision to get matching tattoos to signify their tribe-bond as parents of kids with Down syndrome. Since then, many more have joined "The Lucky Few Tattoo" following. This month, I joined 40 women for a tattoo night (just over half actually getting the tattoo). We had so many other moms in our local tribe wanting to join us that we created a second night of tattoos the following week. That night, about 70 were tattooed and the local news came to report on the story. Another night is in the works for next week.

So what is the tattoo and what is the meaning behind it? For me it represents three arrows, signifying the 3 copies of the 21st chromosome present in Down syndrome. The arrow is because sometimes God knows we need to be pulled back, maybe even held in place for a bit, before we can move forward. But, oh, when we are stretched, we can soar so much higher! And we all have similar tattoos because we are all part of the same tribe.
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Friday, January 5, 2018


A whole year already! It's hard for me to believe I've been participating in this monthly photo share...what a good reminder that time just flies! I'm especially grateful for this monthly reminder for me to be intentional with my camera as we move into the winter months. Fall is always a busy season for me followed by a slooow winter with the camera, both personally and professionally. Hopefully this will help me continue to pick it up every day.

Unfortunately December found me without my main camera. I am still relying on my back-up and I am still uber-frustrated with repair shops and their lack of information on the whereabouts and schedule of back-ordered parts. Nevertheless, I'm pushing on and shooting primarily outdoors.

My first image is from a newborn shoot that I put off for almost three weeks due to the camera issues. While I know I could have captured better photo quality with my main camera, I was happy with most of the shots I took, artistically anyway.

The remainder of my photos in December came from one beautiful, unexpected, snowy weekend. Everything about snow is artistic and beautiful, especially through a camera lens.
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Tuesday, December 5, 2017


This month started with a camera malfunction; that's always fun! And (of course) there has been a delay with the part that had to be ordered, so my camera has been in the shop for a looong time. This means I've had to rely on my 'back-up' camera. It is not as fast as I would like, but this process has been a good reminder that it is less about the equipment and more about the person holding it. This has been a good reminder for myself when I doubt my skill level.

When I first started out, I would shoot mostly newborns inside of their home, using natural light. And if I shot the whole family, we would use their front porch and yard. The concept of capturing a family in their space, where they do life, was what I loved about those shoots. Unfortunately, my gear at the time did not allow for a very high ISO, so I quickly moved to more outdoor photography. This month I found a few families to allow me to test out my newer camera inside of their homes (thankfully right before the aforementioned malfunction!). I loved the end product!

Screened in porch counts as their home.

The rest of the month I had my 'old' camera, so it was back outside. But late afternoon fall light is my favorite!

And any pictures containing my middle child are my favorite too.
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