Wednesday, July 5, 2017

JULY 5-on-5

I did a few senior sessions this last month, a few events, several swim meets, an indoor show and our church's summer camp. Plenty of opportunities to stretch my camera legs, for sure!

I love this time of year because my kids are fish. Eli and Maddux have always loved swimming, and swim team's craziness is also fun-ness. I'm so happy to shoot our neighborhood's swim meets so that all of the parents can have pictures of their kids. An added bonus is being able to play around with my skill set to capture things in new ways.

Music is a big part of our lives. We love it, we (not me) play it, and we try to support it. A friend's new band had a show last week that needed some coverage. Since taking photos of shows and festivals is part of my dream job, I jumped at the chance to try my hand at it.

Our church camp is SO fun and there are so many amazingly fun and funny moments throughout the week. Outdoor games never disappoint!

Senior sessions are something I only started doing last year. I'm still working through how to keep it interesting with only one person in the frame, but this last session was a success. The senior in question is comfortable in front of the camera and had that 'outside of the box' mentality regarding our shoot.

Finally, it's summer which means my garden is my happy place. And by garden, I mean flower, not food (much to my family's dismay). This year I finally grew a sunflower that wasn't eaten.

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  1. you know how much I love that senior portrait! such good work, my friend. and I also adore your sunflower! a gorgeous burst of color and detail. xo