Friday, May 5, 2017

May 5-on-5

Here we are again: my five favorite personal images for the previous month. We traveled to NYC for my middle daughter's upcoming 10th birthday. So much fun, so much to photograph. I only brought one fixed lens (85mm) with me, which I don't use often. Yet another attempt to stretch myself!

This girl literally skipped and jumped and danced around that city.

The view of the city from the other side of the water was just perfect. After we walked across, I couldn't stop taking photos of it.
We went to the top of the Freedom Tower. The kids loved using the iPads provided to see what the *tiny* buildings below us were...they thoroughly enjoyed the view from 100 stories up.

As we waited for our turn to board the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty (from the Jersey side), there were so many repetitious opportunities...lights, benches...a photographer's dream.

The trees. Oh my, the trees. The temps were still cold enough that not much green had started. That was fine by me and my lens...I love the shapes the tree skeletons make!

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  1. NYC is the absolute best city. My husband argues for London but for me it's always been and always will be the big apple. I instantly fell in love with the first image when you posted it on fb. What a great catch. So much excitement there. And that last image....are those statues down in the bottom left corner? Very cool! A great trip for your family. I'm so happy you are sharing your images here. Thanks so much for joining us. xo

  2. How fun! All these images are wonderful. Totally makes me want to travel to NYC soon. I hope you had fun, it looks like the kids had a great time!

  3. Looks like you all had a fantastic trip! It's an amazing city and I love seeing it through your lens!

  4. Oh wow, you did a great job capturing the city. First one is definitely my fav!

  5. Oh wow, you did a great job capturing the city. First one is definitely my fav!