Sunday, February 5, 2017


This was a very non-photography busy month for our family. So busy that there was even a full 7 days at one point that my camera didn't get touched! But the month started with a bang, giving me so many fun photo opportunities within 36 hours, so I can't complain too much.

I had the honor of shooting the wedding of two 'kids' that I have seen grow up over the last 6-ish years. They are in a band together and I've been able to take photos of the band and be fans of the band, all through them growing their relationship. The wedding was beautiful - more beautiful than any I can remember because of all of the cool details that made it their day. And then, God gave us a random snow/ice storm in the midst of two weeks where the temperatures hovered in the high 50's. When I say God gave them that storm, He absolutely made the wedding even more amazing and an absolute dream to photograph.

This was one of my favorites because of the moment it was. Bride-to-be getting her hair and make-up done by two of her friends while her little sister peaks in. This all took place in both girl's older sister's house. Memories, memories, memories.

Is there anything more special than the moment when a bride and groom see each other for the first time on their wedding day? I do not shoot weddings often, but I am such a fan of the 'first look' because of the quiet moments (outside of my camera clicking) it gives them in what is usually a noisy day. Oh yeah, and when your couple is super cool and wears homemade ties and gold dresses, every photo looks amazing.

Again, weddings are not something I usually shoot, mainly because I don't feel creative enough to make the day look anything other than cookie cutter. This was my attempt to make a simple bridal party photo interesting. I love how it turned out.

The ceremony and reception were in the darkest of dark places. The beautiful string lights made the atmosphere so dim and intimate, but they did not give off nearly enough light for my comfort zone. I decided to test my camera for the ISO it boasts. Almost all of the ceremony photos were over ISO2000. Big step for a girl who likes to shoot at 400 or less.

 The moment right after they walk out of the ceremony, right after they have been pronounced husband and wife. You can't script this stuff...

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  1. These are gorgeous. They look like such a happy couple. How great it is to have been able to capture this for them!

  2. OH! I didn't realize the last image was taken after the ceremony! That explains the passion and depth of feeling you captured. It's my absolute fave of all the images you took that day. Such beautiful work my friend. You really did rock this day!!!! xo I don't know why but it won't use my wordpress login but this is me! Stephanie xo

  3. You captured such special moments! That second image is absolutely spectacular and they are so lucky to have it!